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How to Register for Dance Classes

Please read the entire packet of information in the registration link below. Then, print the forms required for registration, complete them, and mail, email or bring them into the office.

2018-2019 Fall Information Packet

Fees are listed on the payment page in the packet linked above.

New Students
New students receive their first week of classes FREE! We will be happy to help you plan your free week of classes and show you around.

Dorothy's Dancing Unlimited offers memberships. Yearly membership is available for DOROTHY’S DANCING UNLIMITED which will enable the individual, and/or family to receive a 10% to 20% discount on lessons. In addition, a 10% discount will apply on shoes, tights, recital costumes, or almost any other related items purchased through the studio. Please note that membership is non-refundable.

Carte Blanche
Dance students who wish to enroll in unlimited weekly classes may do so as a “Carte Blanche Member” at a low monthly rate. This will enable the student to incorporate all forms of dance to become the "Total Dancer."

Register early!

Make sure you get into classes before they fill up!

Class Size & Recommendation
To find out about class size and recommendation refer to our studio policy.


2018-2019 Fall Schedule

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  • (KB) Kiley Baldwin
  • (AB) Amanda Bremberg
  • (TLC) T'Lyn Candella
  • (KF) Karyn Fowler
  • (DJ) Donna Johnson
  • (KK) Kaitlin Koncilja
  • (ALW) Ashley Lanham/Watson
  • (PP) Pam Parchim
  • (AR) Aimee Russon
  • (JS) Jamie Swanson
  • (HT) Heather Talken


CLASSES OFFERED by the studio may be taken by boys and girls ages 3 through adult. These classes are available from Beginner to Advanced levels. New students will be personally evaluated for proper class placement. Combination classes represent 1/2 year of dance training.

Acrobatics: Increase your body control and overall coordination through acrobatic dance movements. Fitness benefits are flexibility, balance and increased energy.

Ballet: The foundation of dance. A must for the serious dancer to develop dance technique, placement, and body structure. All advanced dancers must take ballet.

Contemporary: An interpretive modern form of dance, projecting great emotion, expression, and feeling. (Must be enrolled in a ballet class and have also had previous ballet training)

Creative Classes: Specially designed for the 6-7 year old students. These classes are made up of two dance forms: Acrobatics, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, or Tap, to create an hour class.

Hip Hop: A dance style, usually danced to hip hop music that evolved from the hip hop culture. It is a very energetic form of dancing. Hip Hop is unique in that it allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement while adding their own personalities.

Intro to Dance: Specially designed for the 3-5 year old students. This class is made up of three forms of dance to create an hour: Tap, for rhythm and timing; Ballet, giving students poise; and Acrobatics, for flexibility and coordination. Basic motor skill development will be stressed.

Jazz: A free style dance based on body isolations and technique, performed to upbeat music.

Lyrical: A literal representation of the music using a combination of ballet and jazz with a little bit of modern thrown in for good measure. It tends to be romantic and emotional in approach. (Must be enrolled in a ballet class and had also have previous ballet training)

Musical Theatre: Combines broadway music and songs, as well as various styles of jazz.

Pre Pointe: Offered to ballet students to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go on pointe. Ballet shoes will be worn for this class with the possibility of wearing pointe shoes later in the year with the instructors recommendation/approval. (Must be enrolled in a ballet class and have also had previous ballet training)

Tap: This style uses a variety of dance steps which create percussive, rhythmic sounds by using one's feet. By putting steps together in a variety of ways the art of tap emerges.